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Not more than you need, not less than you need.
The perfect fit.

Integrated corporate solutions AND the total freedom and efficiency of bespoke software development.
Fits the company now, and will fit the company in the years to come.
IT serving you, and not the other way round.

  • + more than 10 years of experience
  • + 23 developers
  • + dedicated consultant to each client
  • + over 100 projects


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Service Industries

generated ERPs

Generated ERPs are unparalleled in flexibility and handling details. Rather than being tied up by the tedious problems of programming, or being constrained by fixed, box solutions, the technology gives freedom to the developer to concentrate on the business needs of the client.

The result is you don't just get an ERP, you get an ERP specific to your actual needs. Even better, after installation the system still preserves the ability to change with the company, offering a constant "force" for growth.

The technological background is code generators using a huge library of modules and solutions as templates. This way system designers can afford to take into account the specific stage and management culture of the client's company. Coupled with a strong team of developers the result is custom built, flexible ERPs, with dozens of bespoke solutions incorporated.

Why companies trust Woodpecker systems

A list of good functions is the minimum requirement for corporate software. Unless it becomes an integral part of the company's life, it really isn't doing much for you. All too often ERP vendors are forced to sell what they have previously sold to others, but this leaves very little room for important details in the business or different human factors.

However with generated ERP technology, WPS can take into account:

  • the company's goals
  • the corporate developmental stage of the company with its very specific needs
  • the staff's experience, education and motivation
  • company culture

But even the most powerful software is worth little unless it is incorporated properly into the bloodstream of the firm, and that requires rock solid project management. Our focus on implementation ensures our clients achieve a good return on their investment.

Twice as much for half the price

ERPs, or other quality software are only worth spending money on if they fit into the company's structure. Easier said than done, a good fit relies on details. If you get the details right, you get the system right. This requires expertise, and a lot of work.


But that is exactly why WPS is the optimal solution. With our generated ERP technology, extensive library of template solutions, and a mainly Hungary-based expert and programmer team, we have a substantial cost advantage. And we pass this savings on to our clients. Good software is rarely cheap, but with WPS, you get twice as much for half the price.

Right ERP for the right developmental phase

A company goes through different phases in its lifetime, sometimes visiting the same stage more than once as it grows into new territories. There are 5 clearly distinguishable phases from the owner's point of view, and they all determine the kind of information the owner needs to successfully manage the company.

Each one of these stages have different needs, which then reflects on the company's software requirements, the number and type of modules and the integration of the system.

A corporate IT system does as much work as your next best employee, therefore it should provide a constant force for stable operation and growth. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The strength is really in the details. And as the company changes, the software must change with it.

Generated ERPs have the advantage to suit you at the time of instalment, and as you change, they can be regenerated to suit the new requirements. That is why WPS has chosen generated ERP technology, as this is the only way we know serve our clients in the long term.

Wide range of technical expertize

  • cloud based or local systems
  • PDA technology
  • smart phone technology
  • integration and communication with peripherals

5 areas where we excel

  • Systems designed with business goals, feasibility and usability in mind.

  • Optimal mix of modular solutions and unlimited custom programming.

  • Wide range of technical expertise.

  • Constant force for growth in the changing life of the company.

  • Long term protection of software investment.

Prototype-based solution design

We believe it is vital that managers and users see and take part in the design of the systems they are going to have to use. Prototype-based solution design is the best way to avoid misunderstandings and pinpoint the true goals of the ERP to be installed.

  1. Screens speak for themselves.
  2. Users have a say in the ergonomic outlay of their tools.
  3. Managers see how they can delegate or check results.
  4. Systems are familiar from initial installation.

This period generally takes 2-5 weeks.

Our Team

Presently a team of 23 business consultants, programmers and project managers design, build and install genuine solutions for our clients.