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Focusing on the individual needs of our clients, we are committed to deliver dependable solutions of the highest standard for any corporate management software.

Our proactive approach and our ability to be part of the long term business success of our clients distinguishes us from competitors.

We provide each client with a qualified and top-performing team, with effectiveness maximized through the best technology and rigorous training.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we completely understand expectations, specific market requirements, operational possibilities and restraints when building each system.

Our ERPs integrate the best of standard modules with the power and flexibility of tailor-made bespoke solutions. To provide the most effective information flow within the company, Woodpecker systems extend to a diverse range of devices (PDAs, tablets, for example) and are easily enabled to communicate with third party software.

We are committed to building long-term client relations, firm in the belief that a seamless and trusting association fosters efficiency and productivity at both ends.

Our ERPs solidly support sustainable growth and operation in each company, always maintaining flexible ability to address the demands of an ever-changing environment.

The fundamental goal of our systems is to work in close collaborative support of clients’ workers and management providing momentum for continuous improvement.


I.T. serving you, and not the other way round.


Integrated corporate solutions.


The total freedom and efficiency of bespoke software development.


Fits the company now, and will fit the company in the years to come.

Bamford doors


Bamford Doors

F. Bamford (Engineering) Ltd has been designing, manufacturing and installing doors for public sector buildings for over 30 years.  The uniqueness of each Bamford door at countless sites of local authorities, housing associations, schools and other public buildings, demands extensive calculations for design, quoting, stocking, work-planning. Woodpecker helped in:

    • replacing a highly customized, but unsupported solution
    • adding all specifying requirements that have built up over the years
    • creating a modern, friendly system that is easy to use for all
    • providing the ability to develop, modify, add new functionality whenever management needs new tools
Brains and Cheek

Market research service

Brains and Cheek

Brains and Cheek is “one of a kind”. It’s a healthcare market research consultancy dealing exclusively with real-world objectivity for their clients – international pharmaceutical and other health companies. To deal with large flows of complex data in their qualitative research projects, Brains and Cheek had relied upon software which was developed piecemeal, but could not keep up with their needs. The company’s new challenge was to find an ERP system:

    • able to grow with them
    • to preserve and enlarge good concepts in their old system
    • and to enable constantly updated information for each research project’s planning, progress and finances
Payne Plastics


Payne Plastics

C.B. Payne (Plastics) Ltd has been manufacturing precision-machined plastic parts and plastic components for 40 years, constantly investing in state-of-the-art CNC machine tools. The company prides itself on being large enough for orders from very substantial customers and small enough to be highly accessible for all customers, including for specialist bespoke products. The company needed a system that could:

    • accelerate and ease the creation of quotes for bespoke products
    • minimize data entry and repetitive tasks
    • notify and rapidly recalculate prices when raw material prices change


Balogh Pasta

Hungary’s third biggest pasta manufacturing company, it supplies supermarket chains such as Tesco and Lidl. Building its second state of the art factory the company needed:

    • more control over operations and data
    • a high quality and robust ERP
    • an integrated ERP which could also control its automated fork lift trucks
      and warehouse system

Financial Control

Mellow Mood

Managing over 50 hotels in Austria and Hungary, and preparing the company:

    • to pass the requirements of  “big 4” auditors,
      namely KPMG and Ernst & Young
    • fluent workflow in document management
    • control over delegated managerial tasks
    • to manage a very complex financial controlling system

Quality control


Primarily an automobile parts quality control company (for Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota, for example). In this family business the owner and founder needed to:

    • prepare the company for generation transition
    • incorporate the founder’s experience and procedures into the ERP

Food processing

Korona Mushroom

A highly successful company which had new challenges after fast and intensive growth. One of the biggest mushroom growers in central Europe they supply supermarket chains in Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Romania. They needed an ERP to:

    • update and maintain data and information management
    • enable the cutting of monotonous and mechanical jobs
    • establish high-tech integrated production and warehouse control

In our clients' own words

"Every innovative CEO eager to grow and progress should take an excursion into the Woodpecker world. They have the expertise, provide the latest technology. As a client the only thing needed is the will to try."

Akos Varju, CEO - C&L Flora

"They were meticulous and client-centred throughout the project, easy and fun to work with. On many occasions they offered solutions before I even realized there was a problem. I can safely recommend Woodpecker, because you'll get a focused system addressed to your unique and individual needs, without unnecessary pages and functions."

Edit Kovácsné Boa, Sales manager - Plastiflex

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